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Madness Day Submission

2009-09-17 11:06:23 by Mesmay

Ok, I'm actually really excited about madness day for once because this year I'm going to make a submission!
This is the first time ive entered a "competition day", or whatever you want to call it, so i'm kinda nervous/ inspired to do something awesome.

I dunno, maybe I can get a high position and maybe get my work added to the collection!
Heres a screenshot, look out for my submission when i've finished it!


Madness Day Submission


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2009-09-17 12:01:33

Nice screen shot cant wait to see the video.


2009-09-17 12:04:58

I like the switch up on the color scheme, looking forward to it.


2009-09-17 12:09:38

Goos luck with your submission


2009-09-17 12:19:28

lots of guys won´t submit his flashes this madness day, i hope that one could be a new madness day series, or just a winner of many awards or something else


2009-09-22 10:30:28

that madness is MADNESS .


2009-09-22 14:10:25

Important work, but i see how you not work much in this :3 SIR, I WANNA SEE ALL YOUR SKILLZ !


2009-09-23 13:22:57

it was meh