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Hi. I'm an animator and coder, still at it after 4 years.. wow. Check out an animation or two of mine, write a review, it all helps :)

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Posted by Mesmay - June 4th, 2011

Ok so my bud tawnik made a badass animation in maya, check it out here!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlkosm3 fUoI

Personally I think that while the backgrounds and colour scheme is bland that the movements are awesome and that he's definitely someone to look out for in the future.
What did you think of the anim? Leave a comment here or on www.tawnik.newgrounds.com

Also, I'm hosting a big project at fluidanims called Styx that promises the best animation done by us so far! We got the style down, have around 20 animators working on this and a new method of fullbody animation that is hopefully going to blow you all away! The first thing that you guys will see is the trailer in a month or two, and expect Styx to be complete sometime towards the end of the year!
Maybe some screenshots will get posted before the trailer, who knows.

Posted by Mesmay - October 25th, 2010

Ok, so I gathered I'd better make something big before I hit 17, just to say that I did something good when I was young.
I do think this'll be my best animation so far, in terms of everything, really. Should be longer, better art, better animation, even LESS storyline, and a ton of creativeness.

I hope.

Here's a screenshot to show you the kind of style that I'm going for.

[Also visit fluidanims.com! It's a big day today, maybe not as big as "4" day but still worth checking out. One of our animators is releasing his latest animations and apparently it'll be awesome. Haven't actually seen any of his stuff yet so don't hold me to that, lol. :)
Its also where I hang out and post all my rubbish stuff >_> ha]

Something big!... Maybe

Posted by Mesmay - September 20th, 2010

Days to spare, too. This is the first time this has ever happened :P

I reaaaally doubt I'll win anything because the competition looks too good, but I'm happy knowing that this year's animation is a ton better than last years and a bunch of people will be watching my work and becoming potential fans, n stuff.

last screenshoooot

Finished my madness animation

Posted by Mesmay - September 12th, 2010


to be honest, i'd be very surprised if i finish this ani in time, i'm about half way through with only a week to go, juggling other projects and also schoolwork also... ugh

another screenie approaches!

madness day update!

Posted by Mesmay - September 5th, 2010

Once again I'm aiming to make a decent length madness day aniamtion.. Unfortunately it may well suck as it's the first thing I'll be doing after about 4 months of no animating whatsoever and hardly any drawing either.. Either way, I think it'll be better than the last. :)

The only real thing that I can say at the moment is that its going to lead directly off from the last submission which you can check out here- http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

Also I can preview my submission-to-be with this screenshot- hopefully I finsih on time and you enjoy it!

Madness Day, another entry

Posted by Mesmay - September 17th, 2009

Ok, I'm actually really excited about madness day for once because this year I'm going to make a submission!
This is the first time ive entered a "competition day", or whatever you want to call it, so i'm kinda nervous/ inspired to do something awesome.

I dunno, maybe I can get a high position and maybe get my work added to the collection!
Heres a screenshot, look out for my submission when i've finished it!


Madness Day Submission

Posted by Mesmay - August 26th, 2009

After what feels like absoloute zonks, I've actually completed another short.

It was part of a weekly competition hosted by Shiftlimits.
As soon as I get hold of it, I'll upload (its on another computer).. its something completely different from the style of the other non-stickmen animations I've uploaded to NG so fingers crossed it gets a good reception.

I cant post it RIGHT now, but I have a screenie.


Posted by Mesmay - February 19th, 2009

Im really happy because I find it really hard to stay with a single project, so to complete a 2 minute one is actually pretty good going for me.

Check it out if you have the time.

I sure hope I score high, lol, but more importantly I hope you like it.

Expect something new in at least a month or two.

Posted by Mesmay - October 24th, 2008

Hey guys. I have no idea how many people really read this kinda stuff, but basically i just wanted to give the lowdown on my progress with seeds2, just to prove im actually going through with it.

Ive storyboarded it all loosely, it kinda took some time but seriously, no-one cares so Im not gonna go into time periods lol. Anyways, Im estimating it to be about 3 minutes long, hopefully this'll please those of you who thought it was too short before. And Im around 95% sure on the song chice, the dimensions, fps all that kinda stuff. Ill perhaps post some screenshots as i get into it, i want it to be MASSIVELY more epic than the first and more importantly I want a higher score this time round! :P

But yeah, Ill keep you posted.
Providing you actually care.