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3D awesomeness, and Styx

2011-06-04 08:32:18 by Mesmay

Ok so my bud tawnik made a badass animation in maya, check it out here! fUoI

Personally I think that while the backgrounds and colour scheme is bland that the movements are awesome and that he's definitely someone to look out for in the future.
What did you think of the anim? Leave a comment here or on

Also, I'm hosting a big project at fluidanims called Styx that promises the best animation done by us so far! We got the style down, have around 20 animators working on this and a new method of fullbody animation that is hopefully going to blow you all away! The first thing that you guys will see is the trailer in a month or two, and expect Styx to be complete sometime towards the end of the year!
Maybe some screenshots will get posted before the trailer, who knows.


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2011-06-04 09:02:52

Fuckin awesome when people choreography before making animations.
acting out scenes is what makes the artist invision it in 3D
...cause i do it too >_> heh

great animation!


2011-06-04 16:22:11

hey mesmay


2011-06-05 06:10:42

Thanks man, really appreciate your help :)

hey miccool :P


2011-06-18 08:50:01

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2011-07-20 02:19:04

Sup man. How's progress with Styx? Need some help? *wink*