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You did it

Youre on the all-time highest scores too :D
Now I'm inspired to continue styx and make it awesome. GJ

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javarush214 responds:

Thank you Mesmay! glad you like it bro :)


i like how you, java and miccool are all on the front page and yet no-one knows who fluidanims are! wtf? anyways, great effects as always

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Not bad

Not bad at all.

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Inspired by portal I see

I felt at times it failed to come into its own with the characteristics of the world because it was so similar to portal. But still a really solid and fun game :)


After at least 5 tries I managed to complete one of the "Impossible" levels. Its a good game. I like how you split them into categories and just let people pick whatever they wanted instead of making them work through all of them.

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if you can read this then that is quite freaky lol

it was quite nice. you managed to make a fairly fun game a whole lot more interesting by adding various achiements, well done.

SirRealism responds:

Thanks ^^
I'm glad you liked it! =D

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I'll be downloading this, see?

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Well I liked it

So much so I felt compelled to animate to it.

Im not a musician, nowhere near, yet at the same time I believe this track creates such emotion that its a real inspiration, even if it was supposed to be "whiny".

Really nice.

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Blown away...

Dude... there is so much that you could do with this, talking from an animator's point of view. Wow, I am really inspired, as I always am, by these lonely, emotive pieces, I feel an urge to animate to it. Thanks a LOT for the inspiration, I really feel I can do something great with this. I hope I dont let you down.

WritersBlock responds:

Be my guest.
Thanks for the review, and the 10.

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Genuinely Amazing

If the winner gets put onto a poster, I hope you win. I WANT THIS.


Are you ever going to stop impressing me?

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Hey, this is awesome! I think the idea behind this is really cool, and ironically inspiring.

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Chronamut responds:

it is really cool - here is how I went about it - I closed my eyes - and let my anger direct the pencil - it went all over the place - when I felt enough of my anger was spent - I would open my eyes - and try to envision something out of the chaos - I then fleshed out the hair demon out of intersections of existing lines, etc. The eraser was never used.

thanks for the review!


Hi. I'm an animator and coder, still at it after 4 years.. wow. Check out an animation or two of mine, write a review, it all helps :)


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